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Herce.fi Herce is a Research Collection in Business Economics, Economic History, and Strategy. Herce is taking an initiative to be in a leading position in Web 2.0 as a channel to disseminate research outputs.


Herce Archives is a multi-institution subject-based repository. Subject Specialities: Business and Economics. Start Browsing Herce Archives »


Herce Journal is an international peer-reviewed journal of business economics, business history, and economic history.


Herce Monographs is a monographic series for studies, for which the article form is not suitable.

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Organizations & Groups behind herce

GLOSTRA - GloStra is an interdisciplinary research group devoted to study strategy in an increasingly complex global business environment.

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OED - Organizational evolution and dynamics research group aims to study the long-term evolution of organizations.

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Retail2.0 (KATU) - Retail 2.0. is a research project, which aims at enhancing the visibility of research conducted in retail business.

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Strategy as Discourse Research Group
Our research group is interested in the role of language in strategy and strategizing.

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Project Business research group
Project business is the part of business that relates directly or indirectly to projects, with a purpose to achieve objectives of a firm or several firms.

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